During her junior year at Stanford University, Gale was a volunteer guide at Hidden Villa, an educational farm and wilderness preserve in Los Altos Hills, California. She kept a detailed journal of her experiences, which shaped her views on ecological education. An internship followed, during and after which she further wrote about her experiences at Hidden Villa.

As a Stanford student, she naturally gravitated to classes that involved writing about environmental issues. Her senior honors thesis featured prominent environmental writers from 1945-1981. She wrote many articles for The Stanford Daily, but several other articles were published in off-campus periodicals prior to her graduation. Gale’s passion for the environment, which burned slowly in her youthful writings, fully ignited in college and transformed her into a dedicated activist.

After moving to Boston at age 23, she became a freelance journalist, broadening her scope of subjects and finding a natural link between environmental issues and efforts to diffuse the nuclear-war threat posed by the Soviet Union.

Gale truly was a “woman who cared for the earth.”

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